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Simplified and Restructured FAQs Simplified and Restructured FAQs

We have added another 50 FAQs this week and restructured the Categories to only three main groups to simplify searching:

FAQs about what the Software does and where to find important information before you buy.

Tech Support
FAQs on how to and where to solve Software, Cutter and Printer problems.

FAQs about Future Corporation (the company).

2016-06-04 03:28

All new FAQs All new FAQs

We're adding more detailed FAQs and rearranging all FAQs so they are easier to find. Here is an example of a very common question: 

What version (level) of VinylMaster do I need?

2016-03-10 00:21

VinylMaster V4.0 Service Pack 2 Released VinylMaster V4.0 Service Pack 2 Released

Service Pack 2 of VinylMaster V4.0 has now been released and is an automatic update for all Service Pack 1 owners. To force the update, simply open the Setup Wizard from the Help (menu) in VinylMaster and it will detect that a new update is available and will ask you to download and install...

2013-12-21 00:16

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